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powerMAX for Mobile Microgrids

Energy assurance and resiliency to keep vital systems online

Microgrid Trailer

Come see our live 45-minute mobile microgrid demonstration that provides a hands-on experience with an interactive, real-time microgrid controller. The demonstration will highlight the following benefits of our powerMAX solution:

  • Microgrid resiliency with no single point of failure.
  • Interoperability between diesel gensets, regardless of make, model, size, or type.
  • Distinct dispatch solutions for either optimal fuel use or maximum resiliency.
  • Low-inertia system control without system instability issues.
  • Plug-and-play configuration.
  • Compliance with MIL-STD-TMS.

powerMAX for Mobile Microgrids is the only system that allows you to upgrade existing assets incrementally and integrate dispersed generation and loads in stages without the need for large procurement budgets. SEL can help you specify and procure your next microgrid project.

Microgid Gallery-1
Microgid Gallery
Microgid Gallery-2

powerMAX for Mobile Microgrids Demonstration

The microgrid demonstration is touring the United States, starting with California in February, the southeast United States in March–June, and the northeast United States in July–October.

In the comments section of the sign-up form below, please identify the geographic region where you wish to attend a demonstration. Additionally, please tell us if you would like the demonstration at your facility.

Our staff will contact you when our demonstration trailer comes to your area.