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Protect Against Wildfires—Fast

The SEL and G&W advanced reclosing solution is a strategic way to accelerate your wildfire mitigation plans.

With the frequency of wildfires increasing, adding reclosers to your mitigation plans can get your grid and customers protected fast. Reclosers are a complementary part of any wildfire mitigation plan, offering both immediate and long-term benefits. SEL and G&W have teamed up to provide an advanced reclosing solution fit for wildfire mitigation: the SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control paired with the G&W Viper-ST Recloser. Read the white paper to learn more about this and other strategies that minimize the threat of electrical-power-induced wildfires.

Man programming a SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control in cabinet

SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control

Detect and Locate Fallen Conductors

If a conductor falls on the ground because of wildfires, wind, or any other reason, it’s incredibly challenging to detect using overcurrent protection. However, the Arc Sense technology in the SEL-651R detects the downed line and stops the flow of power. In addition, the SEL-FLT and SEL-FLR Fault and Load Transmitter and Receiver System alerts a utility to the location of the loss of current so crews can zero in on the location of the fallen conductor.

Adapt Your Protection Schemes

When you use the SEL-651R with the SEL-FT50 and SEL-FR12 Fault Transmitter and Receiver System, you speed up tripping and can disable reclosing for faults on laterals that pass through high fire threat zones. Recloser controls will receive fault indication signals within 6 ms, and they know exactly which line the fault occurred on. Plus, you can mix fuse-blowing and fuse-saving schemes within the recloser control to address the specific needs of each lateral.

Two men standing in a forest looking down a row of power poles.

G&W Viper-ST Recloser

Minimize Flashover

The Viper-ST supports removable silicone insulators that can be retrofitted for up to 38 kV ratings, which increases the creepage distance between conductive parts to minimize the possibility of arcing over the insulator surface. The Viper-ST decreases the likelihood of spark ignition by using solid dielectric modules in a fully grounded, dead tank design. In addition, frame configuration options offer extended 24- to 30-inch phase-to-phase spacing to reduce the risk of ignition.

Simplify Installation

Weighing approximately 300 pounds, the Viper-ST is lightweight and compact compared to other reclosers, which can be over 1,000 pounds. In addition, site-ready designs integrate accessories and are preassembled at the factory, which can significantly reduce the installation time.

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