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When the Industry Measures Lead Times in Weeks, We Do It in Days

As part of our commitment to serving your needs, we’re getting you the products you need faster. Thanks to streamlined assembly lines and build processes, many of our products now ship in just five days. Improved lead times combined with ship-from-stock products and on-time deliveries means we’ve got you covered in your times of immediate need.

“I was blown away. I ordered twenty-seven SEL-751 relays and three SEL-2730M switches on May 14 and collected them on May 23. This is unparalleled in our industry.”

—Willie Burger, Protection Integration and Automation Services


Five-Day Lead Times

Need a product right away? Did someone forget to order cables? It’s not a problem. Many of our products now have five-day lead times, including our clocks, industrial relays, and more.


On-Time Deliveries

Have a tight schedule? You can count on SEL to deliver your products when promised, so your projects stay on track and on budget.


Ship-From-Stock Products

Need something fast? Several of our popular models are in stock and ready to go. Just look for the green truck icon next to our products, which indicates a popular model that ships from stock.

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