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Fast Motor Bus Transfer System

Fast Motor Bus Transfer

Preserve Process Reliability With Multifunction Bus Transfer

The Fast Motor Bus Transfer System includes all transfer modes (fast, in-phase, and residual) in one low-cost package. This package uses the SEL-451 Protection, Automation, and Bay Control System, a complete standalone system that includes synchrophasors, 6 CT inputs, 6 PT inputs, 79 available I/O points, 250 lines of programmable protection logic running at 8 scans per power system cycle, and 1,000 lines of freeform SELogic control equations.

With the SEL-451-based Fast Motor Bus Transfer System, you can:

  • Use high-speed SELogic control equations to program the system so that it automatically selects fast, in-phase, or residual transfer modes.
  • Restore power with the fast transfer mode before the motor slows down.
  • Minimize transient torques using in-phase transfers to prevent motor damage.
  • Restore power to low-inertia buses with residual voltage and fixed-time transfers.

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