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SEL Microgrid control system solutions


Prevent, Detect, and Mitigate System Blackouts

By building on years of experience, SEL is able to deliver microgrid control systems that:

  • Provide energy resiliency and reliability in all conditions.
  • Seamlessly integrate control, protection, and distribution automation.
  • Allow system users to choose preferred operating modes, including economic dispatch, renewable integration, or other user-defined priorities.
  • Incorporate robust, layered cybersecurity that ensures continuous operation without the threat of interruptions.

SEL will work with you to design and engineer a microgrid based on your distributed energy resources and operating criteria. All microgrids have to interface with the local bulk electric power system, and SEL is the preferred protection, control, and automation provider to most utilities. This trusted status gives SEL unique insight into microgrid interconnection criteria. SEL is able to proactively address utilities' common microgrid interconnection concerns. This helps ensure that your microgrid project is on time and on budget without costly changes. By combining SEL products and services, you can expect a system that operates at relay speeds to reliably balance load with available generation, allowing the system to stay online without loss of power when islanding or resynchronizing to the larger grid. Keep the lights on and critical processes running.

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