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ME-PROT 407: Transmission Line Protection

PROT 407 provides an in-depth study of the methods used in designing protection for high-voltage power transmission lines.

Date Code: 20171006
ME-PROT 403: Distribution System Protection

PROT 403 provides an overview of the principles, schemes, and devices for protecting medium-voltage distribution feeders and buses. The course provides basic guidelines for overcurrent device coordination in radial systems. It also covers the application of negative-sequence overcurrent and directional overcurrent protection in distribution systems. The course discusses the effect of load and distributed generation sources on protection. It also provides guidelines for fast service restoration in distribution systems.

Date Code: 20171006
SEL Textbook Order Form

Date Code: 20170925
Course Guide

SEL University Course Guide

Date Code: 20170912
SEC 203: Electric Security Regulations for North America

SEC 203 is designed to support compliance and management teams. It gives students directly applicable information, helping them to understand how to meet these requirements. It covers region-independent information, including Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets (RSAWs), data requests, and associated audit best practices.

Date Code: 20170614
Part Number: LM00299-01
Programs and Tracks

SEL University courses are organized into programs consisting of one or more tracks. Tracks are a recommended sequence for engineers, technicians, power system specialists, and managers concerned with protection, monitoring, control, automation, metering, and management of utility and industrial electric power systems.

Date Code: 20170613
Part Number: LM00230-01
Web-Based Training (WBT) Courses

Choose from an off-the-shelf option or request an on-demand WBT course.

Date Code: 20170518
Part Number: LM00252-01
PROT 415: Time-Domain Line Protection

This course is intended for utility transmission protection engineers and power system consultants who need a comprehensive understanding of the new ultra-high-speed time-domain line protection principles and applications.

Date Code: 20170509
Part Number: LM00316-01
Power System Communications Track

Power System Communications Track: This track is designed for individuals who want to specialize in communications.

Date Code: 20170428
Part Number: LM00216-01
Industrial Power System Protection Track

Industrial Power System Protection Track: Learn more about dependable industrial power system protection for critical infrastructure through SEL University.

Date Code: 20170428
Part Number: LM00222-01
Generation System Protection Track

Generation System Protection Track: This track is designed for individuals who want to specialize in generation system protection.

Date Code: 20170428
Part Number: LM00217-01
SYS 407: Software-Defined Networks

In this course, students will learn how SDN technology accomplishes this and how to engineer networks using SDN to enhance the cybersecurity, situational awareness, and the performance of operational technology (OT) networks.

Date Code: 20170421
Part Number: LM00315-01
SEC 101: ICS Fundamentals

SEC 101 gives the layperson a basic understanding of ICSs and how they are used. In this course, we cover types of control systems, critical infrastructure sectors, communications basics, and protection and security for these systems, with an emphasis on electric power.

Date Code: 20170413
Part Number: LM00301-01
SELU Power System Communications and Security Courses

SEL University (SELU) power system communications courses teach engineers and technicians introductory and advanced networking and data communications principles and best practices. SELU security courses teach individuals of all levels how to design and implement more secure industrial control systems (ICSs).

Date Code: 20170407
Part Number: LM00321-01
SEC 201: ICS Security Introduction

This course is designed to give ICS technicians or engineers the tools to understand basic cybersecurity and an understanding of how ICSs interact with enterprise security. SEC 201 is also appropriate for hands-on managers who want a better understanding of their systems’ security. This course covers basic cybersecurity and ICSs, with an emphasis on the mindset of malicious actors, defensive strategies, and network security tools and techniques.

Date Code: 20170406
Part Number: LM00300-01
Registration Form

SEL University Registration Form

Date Code: 20161207
Part Number: LM00215-01
Transmission Line Protection Track

Transmission Line Protection Track: This track is designed for individuals who want to specialize in transmission system protection.

Date Code: 20160502
Part Number: LM00218-01
Substation Track

Substation Track: This track is designed for individuals who want to specialize in substation system protection.

Date Code: 20160502
Part Number: LM00220-01
Power System Protection for Technicians Track

Power System Protection for Technicians Track: This track is designed for Technicians involved in setting, testing, and troubleshooting protective relays.

Date Code: 20160502
Part Number: LM00221-01
Distribution Track

This track is designed for individuals who want to specialize in distribution protection.

Date Code: 20160502
Part Number: LM00219-01
Computer-Based Training (CBT) Courses

Computer-Based Training (CBT) Courses

Date Code: 20141103
Part Number: LM00262-01
Everything You and Your Manager Need to Know About SELU

See what other students are saying about SELU and our qualifications as a leader in power system education.

Date Code: 20140912
Part Number: LM00187-01
Build Your Own On-Demand Training

On-demand training from SEL University (SELU) makes it easy to ensure that your team has the right skills to maximize the value of your system investment. If you have several people on your team who need training on the same technology, theory, or applications, our on-demand training options bring world-class training to your doorstep or any convenient location. We deliver an innovative, high-quality, and customer-focused training experience.

Date Code: 20140710
Part Number: LM00231-01
APP 849: SEL-849 Motor Management Relay

APP 849: SEL-849 Motor Management Relay - Increase your motor protection knowledge as you set and apply SEL-849 Motor Management Relays in a simulated low-voltage motor control center.

Date Code: 20140701
Part Number: LM00248-01
PROT 300: Symmetrical Components—Theory and Application

PROT 300: Symmetrical Components—Theory and Application

Date Code: 20140515
Part Number: LM00232-01
Learn More About Dependable Communications For Critical Infrastructure

APP ICON: SEL ICON Integrated Communications Optical Network - On-Demand, Two-Day SEL University Course

Date Code: 20140515
Part Number: LM00229-01