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2019 SEL Product and Solution Guide

Download the SEL Product and Solution Guide for a high-level overview of our products, services, and solutions along with feature comparisons and example applications.

Date Code: 20181015
2019 Product Catalog

Download the SEL product catalog for a detailed overview of our most popular products and solutions. It includes a convenient reference for example applications, feature comparisons, functions, prices, and the latest SEL innovations.

Date Code: 20181003
Metering Accessories Catalog

SEL provides a multitude of metering accessories that allow you to easily expand your system’s flexibility and integration capabilities. Whether you’re just getting started, making field upgrades, connecting your meters with communications cables, reviewing your mounting options, or aiming to turn your metering data into action, SEL’s metering accessories make upgrading your system a simple and streamlined process. 

Date Code: 20170818
Standard Cabinet Catalog

Dimensions, specifications and accessories for NEMA 4X, simplex, swing access, and open rack welded frame cabinets and enclosures.

Date Code: 20160712
Communications and Networking

Communications at SEL is based on our understanding of the principles, dynamics, and conditions that today’s devices must be able to meet and endure in order to maintain the safe operation of the power grid. As a company, we are built on the foundation of creating the most secure and reliable solutions for mission-critical systems everywhere, and we’ve expanded this knowledge and experience into a line of communications products that meet or exceed the requirements of the applications they support. From wide- and local-area networking, security, and precise time to radios, transceivers, and cables, we offer you an extensive product line that combines resiliency and security with high-quality protection for reliable communication in today’s critical infrastructure systems.

Date Code: 20140909