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SCADA System Sheds Light on Texas Utility’s Power System

“The wind always gives us a hard time because, you know, the wind blows here sometimes 70 to 80 miles per hour. You never know what’s going to happen.”
Jeff DavisElectrical Superintendent, Brownfield Power and Light


Brownfield Power and Light’s new SCADA system came in under the $50,000 budget, and the system was up and running in just four days. Personnel can now perform the following activities remotely from the safety of their office: 

  • Operate the circuit reclosers and circuit breakers.
  • Monitor a circuit that is heavily loaded, and shift the load as needed.
  • Gather, view, and analyze events via the HMI.
“The City of Brownfield ended up with a complete SCADA system for control and real-time data under $50,000. That was the main goal, and thanks to Schweitzer, we were able to achieve that goal.”
Lonnie TealP.E., Partner SGS Engineering

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