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Drillship Solves Power Challenge and Saves Big

“Because [of] our bad power factor and [the DP system] didn’t have the information from the KVR and the amps, [we reduced] the power from 5,000 kW to 3,000 kW.”
JeanElectrical Engineer, Jasper Offshore


Working in conjunction with Jasper Offshore’s consultant and a local system integrator, SEL designed and implemented a communications and automation solution that provides the ship’s DP system with critical power plant information in real time, enabling the Jasper Explorer’s crew to make correct decisions regarding how much power is needed to run the thrusters in varying conditions.


With the SEL solution, the Jasper Explorer can now operate at full capacity, increasing productivity and saving fuel and maintenance costs. The Jasper Explorer was able to increase their power output by 40% and avoid the expense of a major overhaul. The cost for the system improvements was recovered in less than one day of operation.

“All the sections of the rig depend on power . . . If we have a blackout and we start drifting off, you got so much of an angle where you must disconnect. If you don’t, there’s a huge, major cost. Things start tearing apart . . . Power is very, very, very important.”
VinceDrilling Supervisor Jasper Offshore

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