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Recorded Webinar

Addressing Trouble Spots in Your Distribution System

Date held: November 14, 2018

Most of the time, making the best protection decision is easy for a distribution recloser control or protective relay. However, because every feeder is different, problems sometimes arise. Some feeders have trouble spots, such as feeders with both underground and overhead lines, multiple taps on the line, or unfused segments. In these situations, even the best relay can benefit from a more precise fault location.

This webinar focuses on the SEL-FT50 and SEL-FR12 Fault Transmitter and Receiver System, an innovative solution from SEL to address distribution trouble spots.

The SEL-FT50 and SEL-FR12 System provides fault data to a recloser control or feeder relay fast enough for it to make the best decisions possible. It’s a simple and economical solution for improving system reliability with faster tripping and better coordination.

During the webinar, you will learn about several SEL-FT50 and SEL-FR12 applications, see results from a utility installation, and preview upcoming enhancements to the system.

Presenters: Anthony Rahiminejad and Eugene Weaver