Leith Sorenson

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing

Leith Sorenson is the senior vice president of manufacturing at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL), where he is responsible for identifying and directing strategies that reduce manufacturing lead times, improve product quality, and ensure that the principles of world-class manufacturing continue to inform factory decisions. From production to support, he oversees all manufacturing operations within our electronic devices and panels facilities worldwide.

Before joining SEL as an assembler in 2000, Leith graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor of science in history. He has held positions across multiple internal divisions, including sales and customer service, quality, and manufacturing. He now strives to increase the resiliency of SEL factories by simplifying manufacturing floor procedures and managing and maintaining a robust supply chain.

Leith assisted in the development of the apprenticeship program within the manufacturing division, which seeks to place and grow SEL employees within their career field of choice.

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