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Product Developers: Better to Have Skills a Mile Deep or a Mile Wide?

When innovation is key to your company’s success, building the right team is critical. But what does that mean? Do you need more specialists—people with deep expertise in one area? Or do you need more generalists—folks who have a working knowledge of many disciplines? In this episode, Dave talks with SEL Distinguished Engineer Tony Lee, a veteran product developer and leader, about finding the right mix.

To read the article referenced in the episode, visit: In R&D, Generalists Are More Valuable Than You Think

The Guest


Tony Lee

Distinguished Engineer

Tony joined SEL in 1991 and has served in a variety of roles, including hardware engineer, principal research engineer, research engineering manager, R&D manager, R&D director of transmission and distribution, R&D director of power systems, director of Quality, vice president of Quality, chief Manufacturing officer and chief Research & Development officer.

As distinguished engineer, Tony takes on special projects for SEL, advises leaders in SEL R&D and mentors engineers.

Lee holds 32 U.S. patents and his inventions are included in almost every SEL relay built today, as well as many other SEL products. He has authored or coauthored numerous conference papers on topics related to arc suppression, digital communications, and current differential protection for transmission lines.

Lee received his BSEE from Washington State University in 1987.