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Electricity—Empowering People

It would be difficult to overstate the positive impact of electric power on humanity—from creating and storing food to producing clean water and medicine to manufacturing things that make our lives easier, and the list goes on. Many parts of the world enjoy abundant access to electricity and often take it for granted. However, more than a billion people live without access to this essential resource and the safety and comfort that it provides. In this episode, Dave Whitehead talks with David Dolezilek, principal engineer at SEL, about his work to help lower that number.


The Guest


David Dolezilek

Principal Engineer

With more than three decades of experience in electric power protection, automation, communication, and control, David develops and implements innovative solutions to intricate power system challenges and teaches numerous topics as adjunct faculty.

He is a patented inventor, has authored dozens of technical papers, and continues to research first principles of mission-critical technologies. Through his work, he has created methods to specify, design, and measure service level specifications for digital communication of signals, including class, source, destination, bandwidth, speed, latency, jitter, and acceptable loss. As a result, he helped coin the term operational technology (OT) to explain the difference in performance and security requirements of Ethernet for mission-critical applications versus IT applications.