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Employee Ownership: Owning a Career Vs. Renting a Job

One of the best ways to attract and retain great employees is to offer great benefits. In this episode, Dave Whitehead talks with Joey Nestegard, SEL chief business and financial officer, about one of the most valuable benefits a business can offer employees—ownership.

The Guest


Joey Nestegard

Chief Business and Finance Officer

As SEL’s chief business and finance officer, Joey plans, implements, directs, and evaluates the company's financial and business functions. He oversees the Business division, which includes the Aviation, Contracts and Risk, Finance, Government Affairs, Legal, Information Services, Security, Quality, and Property Management departments.

During his time at SEL, Joey was instrumental in helping transition the company to 100% employee-owned in 2009. He is also a supporter of business Aviation, including SEL’s Aviation department with its three corporate jets and more than 30 employees. His organization includes more than 475 employees around the world.

After joining SEL in 2002, he served in a variety of roles within the company, including financial analyst, general ledger supervisor, Finance manager, director of Finance, and vice president of Finance.

Nestegard is a member of numerous organizations, including the ESOP Association and National Center for Employee Ownership. He is a member of the SEL Board of Directors as well as a board member of Employee Owned S Corporations of America (ESCA). He received his BA in business administration with an accounting emphasis from Washington State University and his MBA with a financial management emphasis from City University of Seattle. Prior to joining SEL, Joey worked for Attachmate Corporation as a senior financial analyst.