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Protecting Critical Cyber Systems: Building a Threat-Aware Network

Ransomware attacks, like the one that temporarily shut down the Colonial Pipeline on May 6, 2021, causing fuel shortages in the eastern part of the U.S., are becoming big business. In this episode, Dave Whitehead talks with cybersecurity expert Samantha Madrid about what energy providers, companies, hospitals and others can do to keep ahead of the bad guys.


The Guest

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Samantha Madrid

Vice President of Security Business and Strategy, Juniper Networks

Samantha brings more than 20 years of experience in the enterprise business-to-business security market in roles from product management to marketing to sales engineering. She has a proven track record of transforming businesses to achieve record growth and industry recognition.

In her current role, Samantha is responsible for profit and loss across multiple product lines, as well as an engineering development budget to execute on her strategy. She manages a diverse team of product managers, technical marketing engineers, solution architects, and solution sales specialists. She’s especially proud that more than 50 percent of the product managers on her team are women.

During her tenure leading Juniper’s security business, Samantha has defined and launched a new product and business strategy called Connected Security, pivoting toward converging networking and security services in the cloud.