“Almost everything we do requires electric power.”

Mackenzie YatesOwner, Roost Coffee

Small business owner Mackenzie Yates relies on electric power to operate her coffee shop. Mackenzie’s team makes most of the shop’s offerings in-house and fresh, including syrups, bakery items, sandwiches and, of course, espresso drinks. Losing power means a loss in daily sales, an inability to make espresso drinks, and throwing out perishable  items.

Mackenzie’s coffee shop is backed by a continuous supply of electric power, coursing across an intricate network of generators, wires, transformers, and substations. This network is the electric power grid. The devices we make at SEL are embedded in this network, protecting the flow of power so Mackenzie can grow her local business.

We do our part so she can do hers, and together we power the future.

From the generation source, high-voltage electricity travels great distances along transmission lines through a series of substations until it reaches communities, where it is distributed to homes, schools, businesses, and more. SEL devices play a critical role in protecting the power at each stage.