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Out-of-the-box thinking featured in PAC World magazine

Article describes how SEL collaborated with Southern California Edison to solve a transmission line issue with real-time digital simulation services.

An article describing how SEL engineers partnered with Southern California Edison engineers to resolve a high-voltage transmission issue on a hybrid overhead/underground line in Chino Hills, Calif., was published in the latest issue of PAC World magazine.

The article “Tackling the Challenges of Hybrid Transmission Line—New Methodologies,” written by SEL authors Jordan Bell, Normann Fischer and Joanna Hofer, provides a detailed account of the challenges the engineers faced in stabilizing the line as well as how real-time digital simulation and traveling-wave fault locating were key to designing a successful protection scheme.

PAC World magazine provides a forum for discussions among protection, automation and control professionals. Its mission is to “help the electric power system protection, control and substation automation community understand and implement new and emerging technologies.”

PAC World is based in Houston, Texas, and has a readership of approximately 23,000 worldwide.