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SEL brings performance-based optical networking to wider range of applications

SEL’s ICON Integrated Communications Optical Network is now available in a compact, half-rack chassis. The small form factor makes it ideal for deployments where space is limited.

PULLMAN, Wash. — Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) today announced a new addition to the SEL wired communications product line. Designed to cut the rack-mount space in half, the SEL ICON cube chassis offers the same functionality as the full-sized, 19-inch ICON chassis, but with a smaller footprint. Its reduced size allows wide-area communications to be brought to locations that are space-constrained, such as pad mounts, repeater sites and oil/gas platforms.

The SEL ICON offers a new approach to solving voice and data communications network design. The ICON combines superior deterministic SONET transport technology with flexible Ethernet and TDM drop interfaces to provide an integrated protection, data, and voice communications solution in a single platform.

“Many power system and industrial operational technology applications rely on low-latency deterministic communications, and not all environments can accommodate 19-inch rack-based equipment,” said Ken Fodero, SEL communications business development manager. “We’re pleased to offer our customers all the benefits of ICON in a smaller package.”

New DIN rail mounting options provide added flexibility for installation in tight enclosures, such as industrial automation and control panels as well as utility pad-mount cabinets. The ICON cube chassis fits most confined spaces.

Designed and built to address demanding communications needs and operate in extreme environments, the SEL ICON cube chassis is well-suited for utilities, light-rail and highway transportation, manufacturing, petrochemical plants, pipelines—anywhere dependable communication is required to support critical applications.

The SEL ICON creates a highly reliable, deterministic, low-latency communications network that supports serial data, IEEE C37.94, transfer trip, DS1, analog 2-wire FXO/FXS, analog 4-wire interfaces and Layer 2 Ethernet capabilities. The ICON simultaneously transports these data channels over fiber-optic cable with low and deterministic latency, making it the perfect choice for operational technology networks.

The SEL ICON cube chassis is available now for order. For more information on features, benefits, and applications, visit

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