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K-12 Outreach

K-12 Outreach

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Helping students discover their inner engineer

We are committed to developing the next generation of innovators through the support of science, technology, engineering, and math education. Our hope is to capture the interest of local students early in their education to spark a desire to learn more about engineering and manufacturing.

We’ve designed a portfolio of offerings that include hands-on field trips, classroom visits, and immersive events. Activities are led by our own professionals and equipped with our supplies.

John Cassleman
K-12 Outreach

John Cassleman


K-12 Outreach

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Field Trips and Manufacturing Tours

As a teacher, I’ve planned and attended many field trips. This was by far the most organized, professional, and educational field trip that I’ve attended. Thanks to this great company for community education. We hope to make an annual visit to SEL. I am very appreciative! Thank you.

Teacher at Valley Bible Academy

The Ultimate Show-and-Tell

Field Trips have been postponed. Please email with any questions.

On our field trips, students learn how an idea is turned into a product and then shared worldwide to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical.

A tour through our manufacturing plant reveals how we meet our customers’ needs efficiently while maintaining a high-quality product. Afterward, hands-on activities allow students to apply what they’ve learned to mini-projects and engineering challenges.

What to know before signing up:

  • Field trips and tours are recommended for students in grades 5-12.
  • Field trips and tours are offered at our facilities in Pullman, WA., and Lewison, ID.
  • Field trips and tours are designed to accommodate no more than 30 students.
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn on the tour.
  • Cell phones and cameras are not allowed on the manufacturing floor.
  • Please request a field trip or tour at least two weeks in advance.

Field Trip Packages:

Power Play: Exploring Electric Energy (2 Hours)

By using basic materials—a hand crank generator, tacks, copper wire, batteries and light bulbs֫—students learn how to design circuits and control electricity.

WCM: Improving Processes (2 Hours)

Do you ever wonder how companies can produce hundreds or thousands of identical products day after day? In our World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Field Trip, students learn how to streamline processes – from building trinkets to doing homework.

Standard Tour (1 Hour)

Students will see the many processes that our products go through: from raw material, to assembly, testing, packaging and shipping.

Engineer in Classroom

SEL Experts in the Classroom

Request a visit from a variety of our industry professionals, including electrical, mechanical, hardware, software, and process engineers. They will guide students through intriguing engineering activities; share their insights, skills, and passions; and offer career tips.


A full-day conference for eighth-graders

We host Getting Ready for Engineering and Technology (GREAT) Day each spring at our SEL campuses in Pullman, WA and Lewiston, ID. Our eighth-grade attendees learn about careers in engineering, high-tech manufacturing and the electric power industry. They also get to interact directly with our engineers and scientists and tour our facilities.


Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Expanding access to engineering

In February, SEL participates in the national event: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Our engineers visit fifth-grade classrooms with the goal of inspiring girls to engineer a better world. Students are challenged to think creatively and collaborate to design, build and test prototypes of fun, safe inventions.