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College Interns: Build a Bright Future at SEL

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Join a talented team of employee owners to help power society’s future. Collaborate on technologies and solutions that provide safe, reliable electricity to homes and businesses around the globe.

We offer paid internships in manufacturing, business, computer science, electrical engineering, human resources, and marketing at SEL offices worldwide.

Internship Experiences:



Intern Desta Pickering

Senior in Computer Science, Washington State University

Desta is from Boston, Massachusetts. She works on automated testing of power system applications in SEL research and development.


“I applied for an internship after hearing from classmates and graduate-level students that SEL is a great place to intern. I’m able to apply my academic knowledge in a setting outside of school, which helps a lot. Even better is that SEL found a way to incorporate what I’m interested in with what the company needs.”

Biggest Eye-Opener

“If I’m behind in finishing a project at school, it impacts only me. If I’m behind at SEL, it impacts an entire team. This has given me a bigger sense of responsibility and a feeling that what I’m doing is important work.”

School Matters

“I work 10 hours a week during the school year and full time during summer. In 2018, I crammed my junior year into one semester and was swamped with classes and studying. My manager accommodated my schedule. He made it clear that he wanted me to succeed as a student.”


Misty Blyleven

Former accounting intern; now an SEL accountant

“My favorite memory of my internship was when I found out that my research and recommendations were used to make important decisions.”



Kolt Workman

Former technician intern; now an SEL associate field service supervisor

“I applied the knowledge I gained from school to solve component-level failures on real SEL products.”

Does an SEL internship seem like a good fit for you? Read on:


Are SEL interns paid?
Yes, they receive competitive pay as they learn while working.

Who is eligible to apply?
Any currently enrolled college student is eligible, including those attending a community college or in graduate school.

Where are the internships offered?
Many are based at SEL headquarters in Pullman, Washington, but we also offer internships at our regional offices.

How many hours do interns work?
Interns work a minimum of 10 hours per week. SEL managers work with their interns to arrange schedules that accommodate classes and studying.

How long does the internship last?
It is year-round.

What happens when the internship is over?
We aim to bring great talent to SEL. Interns are encouraged to apply for full-time positions after graduating.

What is the intern application process?
Fill out an application by clicking “Apply Now” below. We’d also like a one-page résumé and a short cover letter telling us why you’d like to be an intern at SEL and how your personality, knowledge, and talents can help guide us forward.

About SEL

We are an employee-owned company that develops and manufactures products and creates solutions for electric power systems worldwide.

Our mission is simple: to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical.