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We are teams of professionals working together to support our customers, employees, products, and solutions around the world.

We Work on a Global Scale

We collaborate internationally, continually seek new markets, and work to maintain our company culture, all to better serve our customers and promote our mission of making electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical.

We Value Critical Thinking and New Ideas

Some of our best innovations and processes have come from a spark that was given the freedom, tools, and support to flourish. If you have an idea to improve our processes, the customer experience, or industry technology, you’re encouraged to see that idea through.

We Are Disciplined, Focused, and Engaged

At SEL, we have a strong commitment to quality. That means quality products, processes, and service. We continually look for ways to delight customers, simplify processes, and deliver defect-free products.


Project Manager II, R&D, Automation

“I identified an opportunity to help one of the teams in the automation department improve their workflows and better manage their backlog of upcoming work. I was empowered by my management chain to make some changes that streamlined the workflow, and I continue to be an active member of this team’s improvement efforts.”


Lead Data Analyst, Human Resources

“From the C-level major decision makers to the facilities crew keeping the buildings clean every day to assemblers effectively and efficiently building products to engineers creating new designs to computer professionals in all disciplines—every job is seen for its importance. You can see this in how long many employees stay with the company; it’s not unusual to be on a team where at least one person has worked for SEL for ten years or more.” 

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