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Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing Jobs

Clean, high-tech, and safe, our manufacturing facilities give you the chance to cross-train, expand career opportunities, and ensure a quality product for our customers around the world.


We Are Disciplined, Focused, and Engaged

At SEL, we have a strong commitment to quality. That means quality products, processes, and service. We continually look for ways to reduce lead times, simplify our processes, and deliver defect-free products.

We Value Critical Thinking and New Ideas

Some of our best innovations and processes have come from a spark that was given the freedom, tools, and support to flourish. If you have an idea to improve our processes, the customer experience, or industry technology, you’re encouraged to see that idea through.

We Work With People Around the World

Our employees and customers worldwide invite a great diversity of perspectives and ways to work together to solve challenges.

What It’s Like to Work at SEL

Chris Cay


Process Engineer—Manufacturing

Chris identifies issues that could impact customers and works with his team to determine the root cause and implement solutions that increase quality and efficiency.

Everyone Is Willing to Explore the Challenges

“My favorite part of working at SEL is that I get to take on a unique set of challenges that don’t have a defined solution and collaborate with a team that is willing to help contribute to my knowledge, process, or testing in any way they can. An equal effort is given by the teams on the floor and in other engineering departments. I’ve never been in a place where so many people are willing to explore the challenges and come up with solutions in such an optimistic and passionate way.”

An Innovative Solution

“One of my favorite projects was being part of a group whose goal was to optimize a particular area of our manufacturing process. Our customers and leadership challenged us to analyze our system in ways that it wasn’t designed for, which led us to come up with an innovative solution. I feel a high level of satisfaction and growth for being part of the optimization project.”

The Most Rewarding Position I’ve Ever Held

“Being a process engineer in manufacturing has been the most rewarding position I’ve ever held. Each day, I get to talk to every team member on the manufacturing floor face to face and have open conversations about issues, improvements, and ideas. I get to learn new sciences and technologies while developing relationships. I find fulfillment in growing personally, growing relationships through problem solving and understanding, and creating real-world solutions for every member of our team.”



Senior Manufacturing Supervisor

“During a new software implementation, I had the opportunity to step up and help run a large area on swing shift. I worked hard, along with many others, and throughout the process, I got to collaborate with a lot of different support groups. I felt I was a crucial part in getting things up and running. I ended up using the changes I implemented for a presentation and, shortly after, received a promotion.”


Ben Edgerton


Senior Assembler

“It’s so amazing to be able to come in every day and get to work alongside individuals who all share similar goals. We work in an environment that’s focused on customer care, quality, and safety, and we all have fun doing the work we do.”

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