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New SEL-751 Color Touchscreen Display—Visualize What You’re Protecting

751 LDM top


Get More Information Per Screen
With the SEL-751 Feeder Protection Relay touchscreen, you can now directly monitor, set, and control your power system. You can also easily view relay control data and diagnostics.

Customize to Fit Your System Needs  
If you want more options for bay screens, you’re in the right place. The SEL-751 touchscreen allows you to either use the default bay screens or build your own one-line diagrams. Just create them using acSELerator Bay Screen Builder SEL-5036 Software and acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software, and send them to the relay.

The bay screens allow you to monitor and control one breaker and monitor up to five disconnect switches. The bay screens can also be used to display custom messages, including your company logo or contact information. 


Cut Down on Navigation Time
Quickly gain access to customizable bay screens, metering and monitoring data, reports, settings, and more in significantly less time than before. With the clean display of folders and applications on the home screen, you simply touch and go. There’s even a full keyboard to easily enter passwords and adjust settings. The “home” pushbutton on the relay takes you right back to the default home screen, or you can set it to take you to any screen on the relay.   

Be Confident in Touchscreen Performance 
We thoroughly tested the SEL-751 touchscreen so that you can be confident that it will withstand harsh environments. We included testing for humidity and temperature, dielectric and impulse voltage safety, electromagnetism, static discharge, and more. Capacitive technology eliminates surface wear, and the relay is rated to IP54, which protects the screen from dust and splashing water. 

751 LD

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