Get Your Line Back in Service Faster


Combine Subcycle Line Protection with Traveling Wave Fault Location

The SEL-411L Advanced Line Differential Protection, Automation, and Control System is the industry benchmark for transmission line protection. The relay provides a wide range of applications and benefits:

Traveling Wave Fault Location (TWFL)
Pinpoint the fault location to within a tower span. Accurate fault location reduces costs by allowing line crews to spend less time out in the field and to restore power to customers faster. The TWFL is done automatically within the relay for two-terminal lines.

Subcycle Current Differential and Distance Protection
Apply the SEL-411L for the high-speed protection of any transmission line. The current differential function provides sensitive and reliable protection for up to four-terminal lines, while the proven distance elements give five zones of distance protection.

Multiterminal Protection With Fault Location
Protect up to four-terminal lines with line current differential elements using Ethernet communication. The unique fault location algorithm uses information from all terminals to identify the faulted branch.

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